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In this collaboration with the ABC, I discuss science-backed tips to help you get to sleep.

The Three Minute Breathing Space is a short mindfulness-based practice that can help you ground your awareness in the present moment. The following video will take you through the practice. 

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In this dialogue between author and senior Buddhist Monk Ajahn Brahm, AO and Senior Lecturer Dr Nicholas Van Dam, we explore the science of Buddhist practice. This webinar was hosted by The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and The Buddhist Society of Victoria. 

If you are interested in the science and practice of mindfulness, check out this panel discussion on the film My Year of Living Mindfully, released in May 2020. I moderated the discussion between film director Shannon Harvey, mindfulness researcher Dr Nicholas Van Dam and mindfulness meditation teacher Patrick Kearney, where we discuss the science and practice of mindfulness meditation. 

My research on self-compassion has featured in a range of leading global media outlets. I have also presented on the topics of self-compassion, resilience and positive psychology at leading institutions both locally and around the world. For media inquiries email

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